5 Outside-the-Box Kitchen Concepts

If you’re the type to think outside the box, check out these kitchen concepts that push the envelope and truly express the personality of the homeowners they represent.

1. Bringing the outdoors in

You’ve probably heard of adding a skylight or bay window over the sink to bring a burst of natural light into your kitchen. But what about going one step further?

An “outdoors in” kitchen design adds an additional island to the exterior wall of your kitchen and connects this perfect summertime eating area to the kitchen via center opening windows.

2. The underground

Implementing wall-to-wall subway tile in your kitchen creates a classic Art Deco feel. The ceramic tiles also protect your walls from pesky splashes and staining.

3. The greenhouse effect

Homeowners with the budget for a full kitchen remodel may want to consider converting an entire wall (or even two) into floor to ceiling windows. It’s bright, it’s natural and it adds great views of your garden from a room your family probably spends a lot of time in.

4. Smoke and mirrors

It’s common practice for designers to employ mirrors in small bathrooms to create the illusion of space. But this technique is rarely implemented in the kitchen.

While a mirrored backsplash is certainly harder to keep clean, the effect is priceless.

5. Wallpaper on the ceiling

Colorfully patterned wallpaper on the ceiling creates a lot of character in an otherwise unassuming space. For added effect, complement the wallpaper with vibrant floor tiles or laminate.

6. Your own little bistro

With more families dining in the kitchen and working on their devices in the dining room, design your space to mimic your favorite local brasserie.

Try an electric fireplace, mood lighting above the island, dark colors, metallic accents and a high-quality sound system to make eating in your kitchen just like dining out.